Portrait of Dr. Amr Hussein of Cairo, Egypt

This painting was executed with oils on canvas, measures 40.5 x 51 cm and is of Dr. Amr Hussein, a business entrepreneur in Cario, Egypt. The portrait was commissioned as a pair of two separate canvases and was to be presented alongside the likeness of his associate Mr. Yasser Nasreddine as a business gift. The client provided me with photoshop mock-ups of how the portraits were to be composed and Mr. Yasser’s was the first I decided to execute. Excited by its progress, my client decided to take the first portrait to Cairo and present it to Mr. Yasser—unfinished—with the intention of having me travel to Egypt soon after and finish the artwork in person. Meanwhile, I continued to develop Dr. Amr’s portrait. Unfortunately, transactions did not occur as planned, business with these two associates fell through and all affairs among them were terminated. As such, the painting stays with me. I do not have a photo of Mr. Yasser’s portrait and this photo of Dr. Amr’s portrait was taken with my iPhone and lacks proper photographic lighting, but you get the idea.